Fine Dining at 30000 Feet

Private jet services

Ever thought the dining on a first class in some high-end commercial airplane was the best one could ever have at 30000 feet, wait till someone says, bon appetite on a charter aeroplane.

One of the benefits of private flying, with Club One Air, is that it prefers your dining way. One can arrange for a private jet catering. You'll have the ability to pick whatever food and drink you prefer to have on your own, ranging from sandwiches, sodas and snacks, to fine wines, spirits, five-star dishes and spectacular VIP dishes. Loads of features and an elite dining style are some of the reasons one should consider to book private jet rather than owning one at many unwanted risks.

The list of gourmet VIP in-flight catering items is practically unlimited. However, your food requirements should be addressed during your flight schedule, which will give the caterers enough time to prepare the items you ordered.

If you're looking for chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne, a Filet Mignon dinner, vegan dishes, or just a bologna and cheese sandwich from local delicacies, we've got you covered.

Choose your favourite local caterer for a fast bite to eat during your flight, or arrange a 5-star VIP in-flight catering complete with flight attendants for executive passengers, celebrity entourages, or the most delicious luxury flight you've ever had.

You may also request an on-the-flight catering menu from the available caterers near your departure airport to compare meals and prices before finalising your decision.

Of course, the choices for meals can vary depending on the size of the aircraft's kitchen. This also has to do with the quantity of food that can be created – you will never see the quality sacrificed! At Club One Air when you book luxury private jet, we comfort the dining experience for any passenger as it matters the most to us.

Short flights like private jet booking in India or domestic flights are more likely to see small bites coming into action, such as cold dishes of fruit, meat, cheese, sushi, sandwiches, salads and snacks. However, if you need a complete meal on a short trip, it can be arranged with ease.

You can expect small bites and a complete meal on larger jets and longer flights, as well as the option to prepare home-style meals for several guests.

At Club One Air, prioritizing an excellent service has always been our core area of focus. Dining can be customized according to the needs of any particular passenger. We feature a wide variety and selection of dining options all at ease.