3 reasons to choose Private Jet Charter over Commercial flights

Private jet services

When we consider best air charter companies in Asia, or even around the world, we think of- convenience, luxury and privacy. However, there is one most important aspect of choosing a private jet and it is- safety.

Sometimes we tend to take safety for granted when we fly, but few incidents have made us re-evaluate the safety of commercial flights. Even as we know that millions of people safely onboard commercial flights daily but there have been many incidents in the past that lead us to think about it.

Safety is more than just avoiding the possibility of an accident. In the current environment, we must also take care of who we are flying with. More than 4 billion scheduled flights take place every year, and the number is only increasing. That is some staggering number of people onboard. Even with a slew of extensive safety measure, sometimes security is compromised during commercial flights.

Like, someone with nefarious intent or health risk might slip in through, which is quite a possibility, especially in such uncertain times. However, this is not the case if you choose to fly with a private jet charter.

Here, Club One Air, which is considered the best air charter company in Asia, has listed out three reasons as to why private jet charter may be considered safer than flying on commercial flights:

You can see who is flying with you

Commercial airline passengers only need to provide basic details while booking a ticket. However, when you hire a private jet for charter, the organisation has a better and detailed picture of who is flying. More than often, people onboard- Pilots, Stewards and staff are well acquainted with each other. You are provided with detailed information about everyone you are going to fly with. In such cases, the level of threat is usually zero.

Also, since you are in direct contact with the organisation and there’s the availability of customer service twenty-four seven, it becomes easier for the company to ensure you that everything is safe and in order. On the other hand, commercial flights hardly know anything about their passenger and their reason for flying, this means it is impossible for them to eliminate any threat that might occur mid-air.

Well-acquainted staff

You must have travelled through commercial flights, but do they give you any prior information about the qualification of your pilot? Or any itinerary telling you about who is going to serve you? Of course not!

The crew can significantly affect your entire trip. So, when you hire a private jet charter service, you will fly with a team of professionals. You will be provided details about the staff and everyone that will be accompanying you in the flight. Often, when you are a frequent flyer, you are provided with the same set of pilots and attendants for your comfort. Which means that they all will be familiar with your preferences and serve you the way you want to.

Frequent tracking of safety records

Mostly, when customers compare commercial airlines, they tend to look for price points, transfers and travel time, though safety is usually nowhere in the picture. However, best private jet companies in Asia and around the world desire to stand out from the crowd as reputable and trustworthy. One way to do it is by having rigorous safety checks. There is often a third-party check involved and the flight is only allowed to take off when the complete check is done and everything is safe and secure.

These were the few reasons that many people prefer hiring private jet charter over a commercial flight. Club One Air adheres to all safety measures rigorously, while providing you luxury and comfort. We are the best air charter company in Asia and we have proven our mettle in the field.