Booking a private jet is not as expensive as you might believe it to be!

Private jet services

If you dread even the thought of reaching another busy airport and standing in the long queues, all of this while your safety is compromised, then you need to look at booking a private jet.

Why you should be hiring a private charter? Because, while everyone else is reaching the airport at least two hours before their flight, preparing to take their shoes off or just passing time at the duty-free, you could easily spend that extra time in bed, taking a much-needed nap.

By the way, did you know that you do not have to be a Bollywood star or a business tycoon to enjoy a private jet charter? An array of private jet services like Club One Air set out to disrupt the private jet industry by making it more accessible and affordable.

So maybe it is time to take a break from jammed up commercial flight. Yes! Even the business class and take Club One Air’s private jet for all your travelling requirements. Here, we will remind you why and how booking a private jet can be extremely affordable and convenient.

Lease a plane

A private jet is no longer for stars or the riches of the rich. Thanks to companies that are offering a fleet of a private jet with a different price range.

Many companies let you hire your private charter jet for a minimum price. It keeps the costs down by tapping into the regional airport network, which doesn’t charge the private jet services as much to land.

You can also book a private jet based on the number of seats, which will cost you comparatively lesser.

Book a seat on a private jet

Few private jet services across the country offer you a set in a plane, you just have to pay for the ticket. These services aim to make luxury flights more affordable by letting you get a ticket for one seat rather than booking the entire charter flight for your use.

Such arrangements give the client the chance to cut out the impromptu run to the busiest airport and wasting time in long lines. You can just directly go to the terminal, through an easy security check to directly boarding your flight.

Join the club

There is a private jet club for various private jet services across the world. It gives you the ability to fly at short notice.

Being a member also makes you eligible for various offers and discounts.

Bottom Line

Booking best private jet services for the affordable price is not a hypothetical concept, it is far more easier than you think it is. You will have to just research it a bit, and the information is easily available.

For all your charter flight needs, Club One Air is a best private jet service provider also been awarded twice for providing best service in India. We promise to keep you safe and to provide you with the most comparative price range.