Understanding Fleet of Private Jets Club One Air Has to Offer

Private jet services

Club One Air is one of the most renowned air charter services in India. Club One Air comes with a wide range of fleet to choose from. Ranging from the most luxurious to a budget-friendly option, Club One air has got every aspect of flying covered. The best in class Jets come with the best in class interiors and crews. The fleet range includes:

Bombardier CRJ-100

Cruising at a speed of 567mph, the CRJ-100 is one of a kind fast luxury aeroplane. One of the most widely spoken names when talked about charter plane services in India, the CRJ-100 comes with 18 elite plush leather seats and sofas, entertainment centre and luxury interiors to keep the passenger's company. The CRJ-100 is one of the best business jets in India and can cruise for a range of 2500km with full load and fuel. The twin exhaust jet comes equipped with the most futuristic of technologies including; satellite phones, DVD players, Mood Lightings and LCD screens. One of the highlighting features of the aircraft is its spacious interiors. The aircraft is fully capable of holding business meetings and presenting deals most luxuriously.

Dassault Falcon 2000

Coming from the french origin, the Dassault Falcon 2000 is a business jet from the Dassault Aviation Business Jet line. With a top speed of 880kmph, this is one of the fastest business jets in India. The Falcon 2000 is fitted with the full notch interiors just like one would expect from french engineering. The Dassault Falcon 2000 is capable of cruising at an altitude of 39000 feet with a maximum payload of 18,500 kgs. The Falcon 2000 can cover up distances ranging to 6020 km on a single fill-up with full capacity. This aircraft is capable of taking people transcontinental anytime.

Cessna Citation Excel

An understatement for its size, the Cessna Citation Excel is an American made mid-size business jet aircraft. This was bought by the Cessna Citation Family as a hit in 1994 and first flew in 1996. With a cruising speed of 783 kmph, this is again one of the fastest business jets in India. This comes with a dual Pratt and Whitney engine which can burn a top speed of 802 kmph in no time. The small size makes it best to touch down on shorter runways. Filled up with world class wooden interiors, this aircraft acts as the best refreshment centre for the customers. With a range of 3600 kms, this is one of the perfect choices for short flights in luxury.

Cessna Citation C II

Cessna Citation C II is a light corporate jet built under the Cessna Citation line up. Launched in 1976, the Citation C II made its first flight in 1977. The impressive performance and the simple yet advanced technology makes it one of the most favourable business jets. The highly innovative design comes with the most intriguing interiors. Best for business and leisure travels, the Cessna Citation II is capable of cruising at speeds of 750 kmph at an altitude of 10065 meters making it the perfect choice for someone looking for charter services in Delhi. The Cessna Citation II can travel a distance of 3200 km with a full load on a single fill-up making it the best option when searching for Air Charter Companies in India. This is the perfect aeroplane for someone who is looking to travel in style and comfort on a budget.

Club One Air, with its wide range of fleets is among the best air charter services in India. The mix of luxury and reliability makes them the perfect choice. Their award winning performance and polished feedback from famous celebrities make them stand out.