What kind of food is being served on a Private Jet?

Private jet services

Every minute detail on a private jet charter is tailored so you can enjoy maximum comfort.

Well! Food is no exception. Best air charter companies in Asia can arrange food that you desire. From small hearty snacks for a shorter trip or a full sit-down meal for when you are travelling to a far-off location. Food option on a private jet is endless. From non-vegetarian meals to vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, continental, south Asian and all other cuisines can be served to you even at that height.

We are trying to answer a few of the frequently asked questions:

Is there a set menu?

You can always tell your preferences in advance. However, we understand that most of our clients do not have enough free time to decide a meal in advance. For the best air charter companies in Asia keeps a set menu that includes few popular and local cuisine and other snacks that will help to keep you full and are great for your palette as well.

Any option that you opt for will be of the highest quality and there is no compromise on any aspect, not even on food, unlike commercial flights.

Private jets even have a provision where you can bring along your food and drink. There is no limit, absolutely none.

Do I need to plan my meals in advance?

When you choose best air charter companies in Asia, you get an option of choosing your own menu. You can do that or in-flight services are already equipped with meals that we think you will like.

Does the quality depend on the size of the plane?

Absolutely not! Chances are that a smaller plane might not have a kitchen to satisfy your instant craving for a noodle bowl. But you will never see the quality being sacrificed. The food quality and its freshness will be the same in all the private jet despite the size.

What is the best option for in-flight food?

This completely depends on you. If you want to have a full-blown meal, we will get it prepared for you, or if you are a nibbler and likes snacking, we got you covered. However, we always recommend the passenger to choose light and refreshing food that aren’t going to make you feel bloated. Travelling sometimes can take a toll on you and in such cases, you must avoid anything super greasy and heavy.

Can there be an arrangement for a special occasion?

No matter what the occasion is, the best air charter companies in Asia can tailor your flight experience accordingly. Club One Air can arrange a birthday cake, champagne or even drinks/food of your choice for your special day to make it extra special.

What if I have food allergies?

When we say we take care of everything, we mean EVERYTHING. We enquire about all your food allergies in advance. Then the same instruction is passed on to our caterers. You do not have to worry about anything.

Bottom Line:

Were we able to clear all your existing doubts about in-flight food on a private jet? If yes, that’s great, we were happy to do that. If not, our customer care service is always available to answer all your queries.

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