Why Private Jet?

Private jet services

One gone and one more to go. We all hope to weather the new strain of COVID just like we are marching the old one 'okay.' With daily travel restrictions coming from different countries, it becomes almost impossible to book a seamless journey. We all want a relaxing holiday after this tiring season. At the same time, none of us wants to get caught up in the risks of getting infected. At Club One Air - An Air Charter Company In India, we have seen a significant increase in the demand for private jets, and surprisingly, most commuters are first timers.

The public is taking a step forward by understanding the importance and benefits of flying private this season. We at Club One Air take action to get started with booking a Charter Airplane at Club One Air. With a wide range of fleets to choose from, our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The use of private jets and air charter services is already in trend nowadays. Many commercial airlines come with a long list of considerations while flying and always come with a risk. Governments in many countries focus on flying solo or with fewer people, nearly impossible on a commercial plane. Private jets and air charter services in India are comparably a reliable alternative. At Club One Air, this reliability comes with a guaranteed availability so that you have your aircraft ready whenever you need it.

One of the critical features of flying private is having more control over your journey and the surroundings. The reduced risk of exposure is a highlighting addon to the flights of Club One Air. In addition to the required measures for safe boarding, we also focus on disinfecting every area of the flight, including the cabins. Officials at Club One Air have worked together with the Safety Division to make the journey risk free and the best charter service in every possible way.

Let us know the date, departure time, departure route, number of passengers and the payload in our enquiry section. We would find the best airline that suits all your needs. The Club One Air team would confirm the information provided by you, and they might also suggest alternative ways to save your time and make your journey as seamless as possible.

Choose your aircraft from our wide range of fleet selection. Note that each plane is designed to meet specific requirements be it an air charter for business. An aircraft's choice must be made considering the number of passengers, payload, and luxury needed while boarding the aircraft. If you ever feel confused or do not understand which airliner to choose from, let us make the selection.