Who Are Using Private Jets Now?

Private jet services

Not everything has seen a dip in this pandemic. Coronavirus has given a set of wings to private jets. Many businessmen are switching to chartered airplanes in order to maintain a hand distance from the virus. Most people do not negotiate with the safety standard to book a private jet and prepare to fly in a premium for a bespoke itinerary to continue minimum contact with the passengers.

Along with numerous elite features, the privilege to drive straight to the tarmac cutting out the commercial jets' boarding lines is what makes a private jet special. The reduction of different touchpoints and the ability to fly in and out of a hub is something that the private jets do to minimize the physical contacts.

Club One Air and its charter services have come out to be boons making homecoming possible for stuck tourists during this pandemic.

Commercial flights have experienced a significant loss. A report from Eurocontrol shows that the drop is estimated to be nearly 50%, which is half the number of airlines which used to take off.

With a loss to consider, private flights have gained substantial recognition as they outpaced commercial carriers. The crisis has helped raise the profits and benefits of flying privately and made the public aware of the huge perks of flying in a chartered aeroplane.

The key difference between flying first class and chartering a private jet is: flying a private jet is all about you, while flying commercial is all about the airline itself. Chartering private jets allows one the right to travel in an atmosphere uniquely designed to suit your unique needs wherever and whenever you choose. Although the atmosphere of private flying is undeniably plush, the advantages provide so much more than luxury.

Some of the privileges for flying with Club One Air include:

  • Landing close to your destination.
  • Private Lounges and Terminals
  • On-demand take off
  • Choose the aircraft and interiors
  • Have an entire plane to yourself
  • No lengthy layover
  • Carry a pet
  • Customize your cuisine

Club One Air has offered the best possible ways to keep its customers out form the boarding lines and away from the crowd by providing the state of the art private jet services. These have helped them pick up a good pace the slack, allowing the private jet market to avoid the worst of the crisis affecting large airlines.

In addition to all the affirmative notes, chartering private jets will remain a niche market for some considering how expensive it is, while some service providers like Club One Air - India's one of the best private jet services continue serving quality at a reasonable price segment.

Many Private Jet companies have adopted the idea of partnering with hotels to shuttle their elite class. The Maldives, one of the best tourist attraction places, is coming up as a hub for collaborations as such.

In conclusion, private jets have benchmarked a new recognition. Club One Air, one of India's best private jet services, is continuing to serve people and contribute its part to maintaining a cautious distance to wipe this virus off.