Why You Should Be Hiring a Charter Plane in Such Crucial Times?

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The commercial aviation industry has definitely witnessed a surge of passengers since the recent lifting of the ban on domestic flights. Many airlines are not running as many flights as before, not taking in as many passengers, and the destination that you can travel to are limited. More and more travellers are turning to air Charter Company in India for their travelling needs.

And why wouldn’t they prefer charter service? It is a much safer option. You do not have to come in contact with as many people, there are proper sanitization and lots of other benefits.

However, if you are still contemplating whether to look for charter services in Delhi or all over India or not, here are three reasons why you should do so:


This hands down have to be the most notable reason why charter jets have become a fairly preferred option for travellers. If you choose an air charter company in India, it not only protects you but also the people that you are flying to meet. Not every flight you take is for business reasons, but if you are flying to meet your elderly parents, grandparents, or even children, it is worth choosing an option that provides you with maximum safety and hygiene. You do not have to be in physical contact with any of the crew or pilot, proper social distancing is maintained throughout your flight. Minimizing health risks should be everyone’s priority during such crucial times.

How is Club One Air able to provide you with maximum safety:

  • Our private jets/charter planes can depart and arrive at smaller airports, avoiding busy terminals
  • Our flight carries only 4-18 passengers. This allows you to travel with people that are in your safety bubble, it also makes it easy for us to sanitize the flight thoroughly
  • In many cases, a ground staff can meet you upon arrival, again, to avoid busy terminals


If you are thinking that travelling by charter plane is similar to travelling business/first class on a commercial flight, then you are totally wrong. Business-class will still require you to go through busy terminals, line up in a queue and come in contact with various people. At this hour, it is best to avoid any close contact with anyone.

How charter services in India is better than business class service:

  • You get extraordinary comfort and privacy
  • Time is everything and we absolutely value your precious time. Corporate personnel cannot afford to work around the schedule of a commercial flight. With a charter plane, you can choose your own suitable time and date


If you have never booked an air charter company in India then this is the right time to try it. You do not know how long this situation will last. This is the best time to charter a private jet due to all the perks it provides you. Commercial flights are risky and all of us know why. Besides travelling comfortably without the fear of being ill is the greatest pleasure right now.

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Once you travel via private jet and commercial aviation is once again safe, you might just find that hiring a charter plane is still your preferred mode of conveyance.
Club One Air, a leading charter service in Delhi and all over India will be more than delighted to serve you now and in the future.