Want to Spend This New Year in Peace? 5 Places You Must Visit for a Peaceful Holiday

5 Places You Must Visit for a Peaceful Holiday

If you are looking to spend this new year away from the noise then we bring you must visit destination.

Some people book private jet to go to destinations that will leave their adrenaline pumping. Some like to party and others, they just love their peace. Leaving behind the hustle bustle of city life and just to enjoy being at peace within and around.

We have prepared a list of 5 destinations in India that are every peace lover's paradise.


Known for its sleep town surrounding and beautiful French colonial architecture. Pondicherry is a popular yet quiet destination in India. On top of that, the weather, calm ambiance, just everything adds up to making it our top 5 destination when it comes to finding a peaceful destination. Our private jet services give you a fuss free, peaceful and luxurious journey to this beautiful and peaceful destination.

Orchha Fort

At one point in time, Orchha was the former capital for the Bundela Rajput Kings. It can also be termed as India’s finest offbeat destinations. It is beautiful and is visited by very few tourists. It is not like a typical tourist spot. A walk in any of the complexes in Orchha fort will make for a blissful, peaceful time. It is guaranteed to take you back in time, even if it is for a little while.


Hampi is in Karnataka. Visiting here will take you back to the times of Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi in those times was the capital city and hub for cotton, spices, horses and gemstones trade Centre. This is the great time to book private jet in India for Hampi as it is a good season for exploring the city. A visit to Hampi has a peaceful aura that you will forget about all your modern world worries.

Pangong Tso

Even though Pangong Tso has recently been popular with tourists due to its appearance in one of the Indian movies. Even then, it remains one of the most peaceful destinations. This is one location which is not easy to reach but once you are there, you will forget about all your worries. You can book a stay there and just gaze at its unreal beauty while listening to the sound of soft waves hitting the pebbles.

Silent Valley National Park

It is located in Kerala’s Palakkad region, mostly known for its ecological diversity. If you are a nature lover, you will absolutely love this place. The Kunti river flows through the green hillocks and it adds to its natural beauty. The inside of the park is majestic. Just note that you have to book this place in advance and are only allowed with a permit.

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