Steps of Airlifting a Patient From One Location to Another

Air Ambulance Service in India

Do you ever wonder how Air Ambulance actually transfers patients from one location to another?

We are here to give you an idea of how air ambulance services in India transfer patients.

Let us start with the basic steps:

  • All involved healthcare workers (ground and air) have adequate knowledge of the situation and the condition of the patient.
  • Best air ambulance service makes sure that the health care staff has the necessary training and procedures in place in case of a serious communicable disease.
  • Making sure that the table top and operational exercises and procedures are completed for the transfer of the patient,

During Departure/Before Arrival

  • Ensure that everyone involved in patient transfer has access to secure and sound communication.
  • Confirm that the departure and arrival airport are well prepared for the patient’s transfer and that there is adequate security if required.
  • Ensure that the ground ambulance is prepared for the transfer.
  • Confirm the patient's condition before flying.
  • Arrange paramedics accordingly.
  • Ensure there are necessary medical equipment and supplies on board.
  • On-board the patient with the help of ground staff present. Careful transfer with all the proper equipment is necessary.
  • Provide estimated time of arrival (ETA).

During Arrival

  • On arrival, communicate with the ground ambulance the condition of the patient and the mode of transport it will require to transfer the patient.
  • In case of a communicable disease, air ambulance India communicates the same with the ground staff, coming well prepared.
  • In case of a communicable disease, the patient's belongings are considered contaminated. They are kept in a sealed bag and are labelled and are transferred with the patient.
  • For off-loading of the patient. Air ambulance services contact the ground medical staff so they can be prepared in advance.
  • Communicate the health of the patient to determine the mode of transportation.

Please ensure that for medical evacuation Club One Air requires following data/documents, so you can be prepared in advance:

  1. Medical Summary
  2. Fit to Fly certificate
  3. Covid negative report for non-Covid patients
  4. Letter from the Hospital
  5. Ambulance Details

These are the basic practises followed for transfer of the patient. There are multiple steps that take place once the plane has landed. Air ambulance services in India like Club One Air makes sure the transfer is smooth, minimising the hassle and most importantly making sure that the entire process is safe. To book, you can visit our website.