Romantic Getaways in India for Valentine’s Day 2022

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It is important to escape your daily monotonous life to just enjoy with the one person you love the most. What is a better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day?

You may call it cliché but valentine’s week is so full of love, and why not, the weather is changing, it's neither too cold nor too hot. Most places are open, it is the best time to book private jet and sneak away for the routine.

Given the threat of catching the ‘C’ word, we are listing not places, but resorts that you can enjoy your low-key staycation at, so you don’t have to go outside and mingle with people to actually have fun.

Ri Kynjai

Shillong is already a paradisiacal hideout, best for romantic vacation. Ri Kynjai is situated by the Lake that assures you a breathtaking view. In the resort, you get mouth-watering Khasi cuisine, traditional spa treatments, and obviously, natural beauty. It is also not a mainstream location making it a perfect location for honeymoon couples to just book a private jet and take off their much-needed break.

Location: Shillong, Meghalaya

Butt’s Clermont Houseboat

Butt’s Clermont Houseboat is situated towards the western edge. It overlooks charismatic Dal Lake and snow-capped mountains. The place offers unparalleled luxury without compromising the comfort. If you are planning to travel domestic, book a private jet in India for this beautiful and luxurious trip.

Location: Srinagar, Kashmir


If you are in Mumbai and do not feel like planning this entire trip but still want a luxurious romantic getaway, we have got you. Machan, located in Lonavala is basically picturesque. It features treehouses nestled about 35 meters above the wood. If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love it.

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra

Marari Beach Resort

If you are looking for a perfect tropical escapade then you have to be at Marari Beach Resort. The property is situated at Alappuzha. It is one of the best places to visit in Kerela. The property features tropical-themed everything. You will get to experience beautiful backwaters, a must-visit.

Location: Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerela

Hoping that you discovered a few off-beat places to spend your week of love.

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