e How to Overcome Aviophobia?

How to Overcome Aviophobia?

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“Have a safe flight”- this common phrase has been used by family and friends when you travel and it is nice to know that your loved one’s care for you. However, there are people who suffer from ‘Aviophobia-fear of flying’ and that above sentence holds a lot of importance to them.

Flying is considered the safest mode of transportation and it has been proven as well. But it can seem so incongruous to some people, especially during turbulence. You know, 40 percent of adults suffer from some kind of aviophobia. So, if you are one of those people, as an aircraft management company, we have listed in few tips that can help you while flying:

How to get over aviophobia?

If you are someone with acute aviophobia, you can consult your therapist. In this age and time, it is nearly impossible to avoid flying. At some stage, one will have to choose flying as the means of transportation. Rest of the things that you can do yourself are:

Explore calming exercises

Meditation has time and again proven to calm your mind and senses, it takes your brain off from surroundings and this way it is easier to control what you are thinking. As a company that provides aircraft management services, we suggest you to calm your mind, this can be the first step.

Focus on what you can control

It is important to control things that you can take charge of, like not to be stressed about being late or boarding a wrong flight. It is important that you plan your trip ahead and to avoid more stress. Wear more comfortable clothes so as to avoid any bodily discomfort. Do whatever you can do to make the situation better.

Listen to relaxing music

A lot of what you hear has to do with what you feel. Listen to music that calms you down, helps you sleep and relax. It can take your mind to a more peaceful ambience.

Embrace your fear and choose flying

It is extremely important to embrace the fear that has been inflicted upon you. Running away from it will never solve the problem, in fact it will only add to the existing issue. When fear starts to mount mid-flight, all you can do is embrace it rather than pushing it away. Realizing that you cannot do much and flight will only stop when it will, the sense of awareness can help you. Once you conquer your first flying experience, the second will be better, the third better than the before. There will be a day you will not be scared of flying at all.

Just Breathe

Not only should this be used when your aviophobia is acting up, but also in real life. When the anxiety starts to take the hold of you, just accept it. Once you have accepted it, now you can acknowledge it by thinking of the ways it can be prevented from escalating.

Choose Private Charter

The aircraft management team of private charter planes has an abundance of services that can help you fight aviophobia. You can pre book your favourite meal, favourite drink. You can choose the kind of music you like and the movie you would want to watch. Unlike commercial flights, the entire aircraft will be for your service. So, you can choose to do whatever you wish to. In addition to that, you can avoid the crowded gallery and long check-in lines that can trigger anxiety.

An aircraft management company like Club One Air always looks out for their clients. We understand that aviophobia can be difficult to deal with and hence we provide you first class services that can take your mind off of the fear. You can visit our website for more information.