First-time private jet traveller? No problem!: A travelling guide for you

Private jet services

If you have never travelled through private jet services before, it is possible for you to be worried about the rules and guideline of using a charter plane. But you do not have to worry; they are quite straightforward in their approach.

First thing first, booking a private jet for the first time should be your moment of joy and not fear. By following few principles and etiquettes, which by the way are very basic, you will look right at home on your first journey. We are pretty sure that you will make the best of your trip.

Here, we have listed a few things to know ahead of your first private flight:

Go thoroughly through your itinerary

When you travel with a commercial airline, everything is signposted only once you enter the terminal. However, flying with best private jet services ensures that you receive an itinerary beforehand to avoid any confusion. Also, private jets are operated via a fixed-base operator and the area is located within the airport specifically for private aviation. Which means no waiting in the long queue? Always feel free to contact your private jet service for further information; they will be more than willing to help you out at any given time.

Always carry your I.D. proof

This is a very basic step but first-time flyers might overlook it sometimes. If you book a private jet, it is a completely new experience and you will be enjoying so many perks like- skipping all the usual check-ins and queues. But that does not mean that you will not have to provide your photo identification. For international and domestic travel, a passport is ideal but for domestic only, you can carry-

  • Driver’s license
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Voter’s I.D. card

Pack what you need

You do not need to check your bags as you would on a commercial flight, but that does not mean that carrying 3-4 bags per person will be good. Even private jets have limited storage space. The best way to find out what and how much you can carry is to call the customer care of your private jet service provider.

There are some restricted objects that you can carry neither to the commercial flights nor to a private jet. These objects are self-explanatory like- sharp objects, flammable object, firearms and weapons. However, unlike commercial flights, you can carry liquids but there is absolutely no need since everything will be available for you on the flight.

Drink responsibly

In the previous point, we have mentioned that you can carry your own drinks. However, you should be conscious of how much you can handle. Sometimes first-time flyers tend to overindulge or do not realise that high-altitude can make you feel drunk quicker than usual. Always be responsible when you are flying, even with all the emergency kits, giving full medical attention becomes tricky.

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