Having to maintain your car is simple - pull it over to any mechanic but in case you are a private jet owner, it’s not as simple. Owning a private jet is an expensive affair. When purchasing your private jet you want to be certain to have it professionally tested and inspected by an engineer.

Keeping private jets in the air needs thorough government compliance.  This compliance is carried by the aircraft owner, all the way down to mechanics and the tools they use at their workshop.

A private jet must meet the standards of the regulatory bodies of aviation in India. Indian regulatory bodies under MCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation)  include DGCA (The Directorate General of Civil Aviation), AAI (Airport Authority of India), AERA (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority), and the  BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security). We, at Club One Air, have one of the best private jet workshops which are certified under these authorities. 

One of the most important reasons for performing extensive maintenance of a private jet is to ensure the safety of the passengers that would be using the aircraft.  Customary scheduled jet maintenance and inspections at our private jet workshop determine that passengers will have a safe, pleasant transportation experience and that they will arrive at their destination in time. 

Authorities refer to these inspections as checks. These checks are of four categories: A and B checks are generally considered to be routine maintenance inspections, while C and D checks are thorough detailed inspections. Club One Air has certified engineers performing these checks using tools and equipment which have been tested and approved by the regulatory workshop

When you own a private jet, it is pertinent to find a company that can maintain and oversee your aircraft. This includes maintenance, fuel, parts etc. At Club One Air, we have our in house private jet workshop that will take care of your private jet and ensure you a pleasant and safe travel.