Car 145 Organisations

Finding the best maintenance provider for your aircraft is not a decision that should be taken lightly. For many aircraft owners and operators, that means selecting a certified CAR 145 repair station where safety is a priority and the maintenance being performed is more diligently regulated. Club One Air’s MRO (Maintenance , Repair and Overhaul) provides you with the best work for a fair price with your safety at the forefront. We got our certification under CAR 145 in the year 2006.

CAR 145 (Civil Aviation Requirement 145) provides certification to ensure that the processes, systems and controls at the MRO have been thoroughly reviewed, evaluated and tested by the regulator, ie the DGCA.

Club One Air maintains the most up-to-date maintenance manuals for your aircraft, as per the guidelines of CAR 145. At our workshop, technicians are held to a higher level of accountability and training.

Additionally, for those who have ever been involved in the maintenance of their aircraft, the extensive documentation and standard of care provided by a good CAR 145 certified workshop can impact an aircraft’s resale value.

Club One Air is the right maintenance home for your aircraft. It not only looks at the security and longevity of your aircraft but also your peace of mind.