Top Myths on Private Jet Companies in India Busted

Jul 26, 2022

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Is private jet travel a luxury? No, not anymore. While private jet companies in India are trying to dispel many common myths related to charter flying, some of them still persist. Let’s explore the top common private jets myths and their true facts.

Myths about private jet charters in India

  • You must be super rich- The most widespread myth regarding private jet charter in India is that you must be extremely wealthy. This is simply not true. Of course, the majority of the world's elite fly privately. However, it can be surprisingly inexpensive when done in a group and by utilizing every seat in the aircraft.

    It will cost you a good deal of money to rent an extra long-range jet. But if you want something more reasonably priced, you can lease a light jet for a few hours for a price that is both affordable and attainable.
  • There is no safety in private jets- One of the widespread misconceptions regarding charter flights in India is that they are less secure than commercial flights. However, data shows that using private jet services in India is far safer than taking a commercial trip.

    This is due to the fact that the majority of these flights are more recent and well-maintained. Additionally, all of the operators have extensive knowledge of security and safety regulations.
  • Booking a private jet is worrisome- You may have heard that booking a flight on a commercial airline is simpler and easier than doing the same for a private jet. Although booking a commercial flight off the shelf is certainly quicker, renting a private jet may be simpler.
  • Private jets are only for famous people- The perception of private jet flying as exclusive is untrue. Royals, Sheikhs, and A-list celebrities are no longer the only people who can fly in private jets. Now, private flying has become common for large families, dedicated business teams, and even as a special romantic getaway for couples looking for privacy.

Thankfully, you can avoid the long security check queues with private jet travel. When using private jet charter services in India, you'll often fly through a fixed-base operator (FBO) that is adjacent to the primary airport but is entered via a different entrance.

There won't be any lines and no metal detectors. It will be necessary for you to present your passport or another form of identification, but it generally only takes a few minutes. Explore other benefits of private jet travel.


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