Top Etiquette Tips To Check When You Book a Private Jet

Jul 20, 2022

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on private jet etiquette which you will need to know when you book a private jet. If you are a first-time traveler in a private jet, you must be wondering how different it should be from commercial flights.

Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered on the basic etiquette tips here. Read on to know more.

The guide to private jet etiquette

  • Dress appropriately- There is no set attire required when you book a private jet in India. You can wear whatever you like as long as you dress adequately. Although it is entirely up to you, you should wear a formal suit when attending a business meeting.

    You can don shirts and jeans while you're with buddies (t-shirts, full shirts, and half shirts). With family, you can dress casually, but when traveling, you should stay away from sweatpants, flip-flops, vests, and gym attire. While traveling with clothing, there are certain requirements.
    Nowadays, small children fly in sweatpants or workout attire, whereas private jet owners always dress casually. Therefore, sticking with the above-mentioned dress code is preferable.
  • Booking- One benefit of private aviation is the possibility to make last-minute aircraft reservations. To ensure that everything is set up exactly how you want it to be, it is often preferable to charter a plane as early as possible.

    Give between one and two months' notice if you can. This will give you the best experience possible and give us plenty of time to prepare for your trip. However, if you need an aircraft quickly, that can also be arranged. We can arrange flights for members of the Paramount Private Jet Card in as little as three hours.
  • Seating- You can reserve your seat in advance on a commercial airline, and you'll sit in it throughout the voyage. But what happens to seats when booking a private jet? The response is "both." Although you won't have a specific row or seat assigned to you, you will be expected to spend most of the trip in one particular seat.
  • Luggage- There are several passengers traveling on commercial aircraft, and each passenger is only allowed a certain amount of luggage. However, it is not the same case in private jet travel. However, the basic rule of private jet etiquette is not to overpack.

For your convenience when booking a private jet in India, you can typically bring both large and small bags. If you are the only individual booking a plane, the broker will let you know how much luggage you can carry. Due to things like the size of the aircraft, weight restrictions, fuel needs, and the size of the compartment door, there should be a limit on the amount of luggage allowed.


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