Top 5 Destinations for Women Solo Travelers in India!

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Who doesn’t wish to be independent? It is the same with new women in India. They like to explore the unexplored and even explore themselves while travelling solo. If you book private jet, it becomes much safer than any other mode. You can even enroll yourself in various solo traveler groups online and pitch in to fly private, this will also help you in staying on budget.

Solo travelling has always existed but has been talked about less especially for the fairer sex. The idea of exploring a town completely unknown to you is an adventure in itself. With the availability of so much information floating around the internet, it has become easier to be prepped before your trip. You can gain all the knowledge, contact people beforehand and just go off.

There are some destinations that are famous amongst women solo travelers in India and we have listed 5 out of them. It is always easier to book private jet services and take off because when you book private jet, they have access to the smallest of airports, this saves your time on long road trips, if that is something you don’t fancy.


It is not only beautiful but safe! Nainital is one of those destinations that caters to women travelers. It is settled in the serene valleys of Uttarakhand. The locals are extremely helpful and hospitable. You can opt for the best private jet services and can easily reach Nainital. It is a very comfortable city for a first time female solo traveler.


The city is filled with history and culture. It is one of the best places for a solo female. It is a well populated city and due to various shopping zones, streets are bustling even at night. If you choose Mysore, do not forget to taste all the yummy food while you’re there.


Rajasthan is a state that has a lot to offer to a tourist. From beautiful jewelries to culture and even food. There are so many women owned stalls that sell hand-made clothing items, jewelries and home décor. The rich culture and beauty will always keep you enticed. Warn the welcoming nature of locals will never let you feel alone.


Pondicherry oozes out extremely chill vibes, nobody bothers you. If you want to have a trip with less drama and more relaxing, Pondicherry is one for you. It comprises beautiful French Colonial villas. It is a good balance between relaxing and exploring.


Hampi is a small village. It offers you an experience like you never had. You will feel dramatically close to nature when you witness elephants having a bath. Best thing is, it will not even burn a hole in your pocket. It is an economical, warm and hospitable village, perfect for female solo travelers.

If you choose to go solo traveling, choosing the safest mode of transportation is extremely important. If you’re looking to book private jet India, close your eyes and opt for Club One Air. It is the most trusted private jet company assured to give you the best experience.