Tips To Overcome Flying Fear

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"The rate of fatality in a car accident is much more than that of a flight, "says a report by the National Safety Council. It is undeniable to be afraid to be in a thousand-ton metal piece flying at such high speed, entirely suspended in the air. The fear of flight is a compilation of fear of high speed and high altitude. To an extent, the research concluded; passengers do not fear flying in an aircraft; what the fear is to crash.

Reports also add flying is a much safer option than that of traveling on the road. The rational approach towards flyings is not very common. Psychologists support it with the name Aviophobia - a fear of flying. The option to book luxury private jets aims to rectify some; if not all of the negative feedback. This is a sporadic kind and is seen affecting less than 2.5 percent of the population, which some estimates state; general anxiety still is far more common. Enclosed space, longer rides, take-offs, and touch-downs are some majorly affecting factors causing the stress.

Whatever the concern might be, fear or anxiety, the issue remains genuine. Here are four tips for helping passengers to overcome a hard time in an airplane.

Understanding Turbulence

Just like driving on a bumpy road, turbulence is just some movement happening in the air. This can happen due to several factors, including the change in air pressure and altitude change, but all aspects covered are pretty standard.

Understanding the theory behind the turbulence makes us believe that no matter how severe the turbulence is, the plane will not tear apart or crash at any moment. Today's top-notch technology in flights comes in suspensions even on their wings, helping to minimize the turbulence severity.

Safety is the number one priority.

Airplanes are a piece of custom-designed complex machinery. Equipped with all safety measurements, planes can withstand difficult emergencies. Everything that a human can think that can go wrong has been already thought of by the manufacturers and worked upon intensely to provide passengers with a seamless flying experience. Many who want to add on eltiness to safety often opt to book private jet.

The air quality in an airplane is refreshed every 3 minutes approximately and is passed through industrial-grade HEPA filters helping passengers to breathe the best quality air. There are child locks, safety locks, emergency exits, oxygen masks, floating suits, and many more gadgets in case of emergency.

Pick A Place

One of the few things passengers have control of on a flight is to pick a seat, and if you're uncomfortable in the air, it's worth spending a little extra on that option. When you've decided just what you're scared of when it comes to flying, use your seat selection to help you prevent triggers. If you're afraid of heights, stay away from the walls. But if you need to know what's going on outside at all times, park yourself in a window seat. Aisle seats can help those who feel claustrophobic or anxious and need to move aroundā€”upgrading to business or first class could be helpful there too. The war of seats can be resolved by opting for a luxury charter plane.

Just Do It

Exposure Therapy is the best way to overcome fear. Scientists have proved that the best way to overcome a fear is to experience it. Doing this helps one get used to the anxiety or distress until it is no longer present. When you get on to a flight, experience the worst-case scenarios, you've already got enough knowledge and motivation to move past it. Avoidance only makes one weak and keeps accumulating the fear in one's mind.