Things to Ensure Before You Take a Patient Through an Air Ambulance

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There are so many things that you need to keep in mind, that sometimes it can get overwhelming for people like you and me to get our head around it. Also, providing medical services up in the sky in itself is not an easy task. Air ambulance services in India is not only a transport means that just transfer patient from one place to another, it needs to be packed with the necessary medical equipment along with the Medical Escort team. As a matter of fact, every single requirement that is associated with hospitality facilities should also be present so to cater any needs.

Best air ambulance services also carry a specialized doctor and medical team. This is done to assist the patient in case it is needed mid-flight. Any negligence, any lack of equipment can cause patient, his/her life, hence there are no exception.

There are certain points that one should keep in mind in case there is a need for urgent transfer of a patient from one place to another:

Check the facilities before booking an air ambulance

Suppose you need an air ambulance in Delhi till Coimbatore. This is a long journey, and time to reach from Delhi to Coimbatore will take hours. It is important in such cases to check which type of aircraft will you be travelling in? How and who is your medical escort team and technical staff? What are the on-board medical facilities available? You must also check with the doctor beforehand. Even when the Air Ambulance India will make sure that you get only best of services, it also comes down to you checking it so there are no doubts and no scope of errors.

Times have changed and even if other services claim to have the best air ambulance services in India, it is always advisable to look for a service provider with an experience. Club One Air has been providing air ambulance services for a really long time an has built a reputation for itself. We not only provide transferring services; we are a complete solution when it comes to on-board medical services. Each life is important and reaching at the right time is as important as reaching the right place.

Whenever you need to transfer a patient without any fuss, think of us. Club One Air provides air ambulance services for all kinds of medical issues.

We also are carrying patient who are infected with COVID 19.