Small Private Jets: Fit for Any Occasion!

Best Private Jet Sservices in India

Private jet travelling in the past was only reserved for billionaires and for very specific occasions.

With changing times and dynamics of the world, this gap is also filling rather quickly. If you book private jet, you do not have to be someone who is always drowned in money. Private jets are becoming budget-friendly and absolute necessities these days. With the global pandemic and threat to our safety, private jet services are coming to our rescue.

Hence, people on a budget can opt for a small private jet. This gives you the luxury of flying in the best private jet services but at the same time doesn’t empty out your pockets. Let us look at the reasons as to why choosing to book private jet- whether big or small will always be a better choice:

Saves Time

There is absolutely no doubt about this fact. Unlike commercial flying, there is no need for you to reach the airport 2 hours prior. You can just check in 10 minutes and you are good to go. Why private jet services are able to do that? Because you do not have to go through long queues, since you and your loved ones are the only ones travelling in the aircraft and most verifications are already done in the advance, the entire process from entering the airport to enter your private jet is hardly 10 minutes long.

Reach destination faster

With the minimum load on the flight, charter planes can speed up so much. There is always clock-out speed for commercial flights but when it comes to flying private, it can go up to 3,500 kph. Hence, you usually reach your destination before time.

Flying solo

If you have an important meeting and you have to fly solo, it is always advisable to book a small private jet, it has all the amenities but costs less and takes lesser time to fly to your destination.

Fly for holiday on budget

If you ate a group of friends and want to experience the luxury of a private jet but also want to test the waters before immersing completely, choose a smaller private jet. This will serve all your purpose.

There are so many advantages of booking a small private jet or just a private jet in general. You wouldn’t want your entire time to be wasted on travelling and between cramped seats. Choosing to book a private jet will ensure a harmonious journey and someone rightly said- ‘It’s all in the journey itself.

If you are a first-time private jet traveler or have traveled in the past but have not flown with Club One Air, it is a good time to do so, because people who have flown with us once, have always returned. We are a private jet company in India and always make sure that you have the most amazing experience.