It is a Right Time to Charter a Corporate Private Jet

Private jet services

After months of uncertainty, things are seemingly going back to normal. The global health concern has impacted anyone and everyone and their travel budget and itineraries. Perhaps, this is the best time to charter a corporate private jet for your business travel.

Business leaders all around the world have gained their position by meeting and collaborating with clients and peers. Everything is done online, but is not always productive. Sometimes you need to spend some time with the client or business partner to know them better and to finally sign the deal.

Corporate travel is much more than the client meetings and collaboration. A smart executive travels to look for so many answers for investments, demonstration of products and to bolster the team’s morale. In times like this, a leader must be visible to all stakeholders.

If you are looking to travel, book a private jet from the best air charter company like Club One Air. We follow all safety measures and ensure that you reach your destination safely. Here we have mentioned the benefits of travelling through a private jet for all your corporate needs:


Meetings are how CEOs grow their brands from scratch. After months of virtual interaction, this is the right time to meet everyone face-to-face. (maintaining social-distance, of course). This could reap multiple benefits for your brand. It helps in building, trust and perseverance. If you are currently tasked with arranging business meetings out of city/state/country, we suggest you look at top air charter companies like Club one Air because they provide:


  • Best air charter companies in Asia and all over the world are cleaned to its brim and follow higher standards than ever
  • Ensure you fly with people that you know are safe to travel with
  • All corporate charters carry less than 15 people, so it is easier to sanitise the entire plane between and during the flight

Cabin pressure is regularly filtered and refreshed


  • Booking top air charter companies in India like Club One Air ensures that you choose the itinerary
  • Depart and arrive on your suited time
  • Access to far more airports than a commercial flight
  • Lesser time at security checks
  • You do not have to carry the baggage with you, personnel pick it up and place it in the plane
  • Can work-inflight with wi-fi and satellite phone without any distraction


  • It is the most valuable perk of the corporate private jet travel, like-
  • Plush seating with comfortable alignment
  • In-flight entertainment, and you can do whatever to pass your time
  • Some corporate jets have fold-down seats for sleeping
  • Enough space between the seats

Club One Air is a top air charter company in India. We are always available at your service with just one call.