Private Jet: Resume your flying experience with the safest option

Private jet services

The lockdown situation has been relaxed by the central government, which means travelling by air has reopened for the general public.

However, this doesn’t imply that we are immune from viruses, what it means is that we need to be extra careful now.

As air travel is becoming common again, we have read in so many news recently that the number of flyers is rising tremendously, waiting to return to their loved ones or work. Busy airports and longer wait times. It is for this reason that the common public is shifting towards private jet services. With the availability of affordable options, it is no longer a market for the super-rich.

Club One Air is one such private jet service that provides you with the luxurious flying experience at a very affordable price. It has also listed out a few factors to bear in mind when considering the safety of flying private:

Fewer passengers, more safety

The average commercial plane will fly as many passengers as possible, including- aisle, middle and window seats. This poses a safety hazard to the lives of everyone on the plane. There are chances that there will be a temptation to cut corners on safety measures with time, given how overworked the staff will get. This also put pressure on the plane’s structural integrity.

On the other hand, private jet services do not focus on getting the maximum number of passengers. All the safety measures are emphasized and the entire procedure of eliminating any safety hazard is followed thoroughly. The lesser volume of passengers onboard means fewer wear and tear and almost zero chances of any health risk.

Rigorous safety checks

Private charter often undergoes lengthy and rigorous safety testing. Also, compliance testing is more frequent than regular commercial flights. The private jet services often seek third-party services for safety checks, ensuring they meet all the checks and requirements.

Evaluation is usually very strict and companies that meet the standards are highly safe. So, fly a private jet without any fear in your heart.

Bad weather, no problem!

It is a well-known fact that private jets are more equipped to fly and handle any inclement weather. Also, private charter can land on far more airports than a commercial flight can.

Did you know- most private jets are equipped to fly above the weather, making it a desirable and safe option to fly.

It’s faster and smoother

It has to be one of the greatest appeals of a private jet. Since it flies faster than any other flight, it helps you cut down your travelling time. Unlike commercial flights, you do not have to walk through the entire airport to get to your flight’s allotted gate number and there is no waiting for hundreds of people to board and exit a plane.

So, wherever you are planning to travel, do it without any hassle of being late or using ‘connecting flight’.

Bottom Line

Are private jets safe? Of course, yes! We are not saying it, many statistics show that private jets are safer than commercial flights.

At this time, staying inside is the safest option, however, if the requirement arises, the best option is to book a private jet.

Club One Air is always at your service, we are just a click away.

Thank you.