What Is the Quality of Cabin Air in Your Private Jet?

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Is the air quality in your private jet safe? Is boarding in a private jet in India during such tough times a good idea?

How clean is the air? How likely will I get sick if I board? Can the virus spread? In the time we are living in now, asking such questions has become vital, and rightfully so. The good news here is that private jet India provides you with excellent air quality. The smaller dimension and the technology used in Private Jets have way better air quality than any commercial flight.

Many people biggest concern is to not get sick during travelling and the best way to avoid that kind of fear is to choose Private Jet Company in India. These are the safest mode of travelling, amongst all modes of transport.

Another reason why you should always go for the private jet companies in India is that the number of people that travel through commercial flights is huge. More the people, it takes more time for the filtration system to work and also the system has to put more work to get to desired result. There is hardly any background check of the passengers and one wouldn’t know if they’re carrying the virus or their health history. Whereas, when you choose a Private Jet in India, you are aware of people you are travelling with, you know their history. The staff is well trained and tested. Everything is sanitized and it is just easier to take care of yourself when you are travelling with people you know.

Did You Know:

Most microbes don’t survive even a minute in the air in private Jet. So, once it gets caught by the filter, most likely the microorganism will die, it doesn’t have the capacity to survive in the airplane environment. Most bacteria and other microorganisms need a very high humidity source and nutrition. The aircraft air recirculation system creates only 10-15% relative humidity and zero sources of nutrition for such microorganisms. The aircraft conditions, with regular air filtration, is not an ideal environment for deadly viruses to survive.

Is mask enough in the Aircraft?

Actually, it is. If you take proper precautions like not touching your face and taking a bath after reaching your destination and regular sanitization, just a mask is enough to keep you safe from the virus in the aircraft. The virus has very little chance of surviving once it is captured in the air filter.

Travel Safely with Club One Air

Private jets are the safest way of transportation. Club One Air, being the oldest, most reliable, trusted and best private jet company in India have also adopted various health and safety measures. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that your travel is safe without any single sweat of worry.

Hope you have a safe journey!