Private Jet Myths that Need to be Exposed!

Private jet services

Most people have never travelled on a private jet. Which simply means that the most information about it that is floating is not through experience but word of mouth.

Club One Air, two-times award winner private jet company in India is here to expose common myths about charter flights-

You need to be super-rich

This is hands down the most common myth that you have to be a millionaire to hire your private aircraft.

Yes! Most of the world's elite travel via private jet but it can be surprisingly affordable. When you split the cost between a group and make use of every seat in the plane, it can cut down the price for an individual. Also, there are some affordable options available for you, just do not dismiss the idea of flying by private jet as yet, check for yourself.

Private jets can be unsafe

Unlike commercial airlines, air charter companies in India are much more niche. So, when you think of hiring a private jet and do not find someone with first-hand experience, it can be worrying.

In contrast, private jets go through rigorous third-party checks before flying a customer. Which means you have zero reason to worry about your safety. Customer’s safety is treated as #1 priority. Sometimes commercial flights may mistakenly neglect safety checks due to its back-to-back flying schedule.

It is a pain to book one

There is one common myth that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Booking a flight from a private jet company in India is hard work and it is easier to simply book a commercial flight.

Commercial flight booking is more prompt, yes! Because you can book it off-the-rack, but it is simpler to book a private jet. The reason for which is that we have a dedicated team to take care of every aspect of booking and it is not just about the flight.

We make sure you have the right aircraft and exceptional flying experience. Booking a private jet takes care of all your arrangements, leaving you to simply enjoy the flight.

You have to be certain ‘someone’

Private jets, especially air charter companies in India, have an elitist image, which is inaccurate. In recent years there has been a substantial expansion in the clientele. A private jet is no longer limited to A-listers, Businessmen and royals. It is now an indulgence for a hard-working man/woman, a romantic getaway for couples, fuss-free travel for families, etc.

Bad weather is not good for flying by private jet

Private jets do not claim to be weather prone. However, where commercial flights are usually delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, there have been several instances that in the same circumstances, a private jet has safely escorted its customer to his/her destination.

It is because private jets have a much higher degree of flexibility than any commercial airlines. They can ascend to heights which allows them to avoid turbulence. Also, they have access to more airports than a commercial and it becomes easier for them to land at the best option.

Security checks take long hours

Flying commercially gives you long queues and laborious security checks and if you have to do the same while flying by private jet, you are going to ask yourself one question- what’s the point?

Club One Air, being a number one private jet company in India is here to bust this myth for you. With a private jet, you fly via a fixed operator, which is always located in close proximity to the main airport. So, you do not have to go through long queues of the main airport, rather you will have a separate entrance and security check just takes a few minutes.

Private jets are slower

Sometimes, in all of our heads, we think that since private charter planes are smaller, their speed must also be comparatively slower. This is rarely a case.

For one thing- you will board the plane faster, so we save time there. You are skipping the usual queues and you are not obligated to arrive at least two hours before the time. On top of all of this, the pilot can always work with your requirements. If the instructions are that you have to reach the destination at a certain time, the pilot can accommodate flying speed accordingly.

Just as we mentioned in the last point, a private jet has access to more and smaller airports that can get you landed to a closer destination.

Bottom Line

Do not believe everything you read or hear about private jets. We are here to bust all your myths and expose the truth. The information is not from experience but years of assumptions.

Club One Air is a leading air charter company in India and our team is always ready to assist you for any queries. To know more about us, visit our website.