How Private Aviation Has Changed Since the Beginning of 2020?

Air Charter Services

The travel industry was one of the industries to get hit the hardest during start of the pandemic. It took the biggest punch COVID has to throw. But with that, air charter services have seen significant growth worldwide. The Private Jet industry statistics show that there has been a constant upward graph when it comes to booking.

Let us look at the detailed viewpoint of the entire situation:

The pandemic forced many countries to restrict its travelling, with the 2019 boom of private aviation, it suddenly came to a stand-still situation. The lockdown situation must have impacted the Air Charter services in India negatively? Surprisingly, no.

While commercial airline did suffer a blow of lockdown and was negatively impacted, private jet sales kept on rising. Why?

The answer is simple, people started caring about their safety.

Other reasons that follow are:-

  • Charter Plane is exclusive. Very less crowd, no jam-packed terminals, private check-ins and easy security clearance
  • Shorter time, no connecting flights, fewer transfers, which means, minimum contact time with other people
  • Private flights are smaller, have smaller staff and hence, less risk

However, once the lockdown happened in march 2020, when people were rushing to reach their homes were catching the first available flight. That was the time that air charter services hit just as hard as commercial flights. Things began to change when travel restriction were eased during the peak summer times. So, that was the time people were slowly making decisions to move out, to travel, or to relax. But also wanted to be safe. Choosing charter plane was the best decision and people were compelled to travel through private jets.

Then came in 2021, everyone by now knew that the pandemic is far from over. But it is also important to resume the older life, where businesses are running, people are travelling and so on and so forth. Countrymen started relying more and more air charter services.

Even after 2022 has started, people are still choosing to fly via charter plane to keep their family, friends and closed ones safe. Traveling through charter plane is now not just a luxury but practicality- and an absolute necessity.

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Have a safe journey!