A Practical Guide For Travel During Unlock 4.0

Private jet services

The best way to enjoy travel is to go prepared and aware.

The Unlock 4.0 hasn’t brought any major changes when it comes to travelling. International flights are still not allowed. However, we have certainly witnessed a surge in domestic travel. All of us are dying to get out of our homes, and rightly so because we all have been locked up, trying to keep ourselves safe for six months now.

The world is not a dangerous place if we are willing to pay attention to little details. We have mentioned a few points that will help you to plan your next trip:

Charter your plane

This is a no brainer. Good air charter services in India ensures you a safe and smooth journey even during these times of restlessness. Private jets do not carry more people than one should. Lesser people on board equal to lesser chances of catching any disease. You are always aware of your co-passengers, the pilot that is flying your charter plane and the entire crew on-board. The third-party safety and hygiene check are like a stamp of guaranteed secure flight. The entire process of chartering a private jet is a safety net to your well-being when you travel.

Never be cheap with your safety

Once you have chartered a plane for your next trip, the next obvious step is to book accommodation. Pick a hotel/BnB/resort which has a reputation of being tourist-friendly, secure and adheres to all safety norms. Proper research is really important in such cases. As an award-winning air charter service in India, we assure you your health and safety while you are flying with us, but once you reach your destination, it becomes crucial for you to take charge of your and your loved one’s well-being. If you want your staycation to be relaxing and worry-less, go for good and reputed accommodation, especially during these uncertain times.

Choose your destination based on your comfort level

Well! Times are tough. Every one of us is aware that we shouldn’t go to places that are always crowded. Sight-seeing is seemingly different than what we are used to. If you want to get out of your home to a different environment, go for destinations that are safer and less crowded. Choose a destination and hotel where you would love to spend a significant amount of time inside. You can always call our highly-responsive customer care team in case you need suggestions. Being in charter plane services in India for a long time has always helped us in keeping our customers updated and aware of the current situation in the travelling world.

Carry essential gadgets

Technology has come a long way and it does come handy when we are travelling. It is important to be equipped with all the necessary gadgets like-charged power bank, travel flashlight, chargers and a multi-port charger. All these will help you in case of any emergency. You will never want to run out of batteries on your phone. Your smartphone carries all the major information and is helpful when you really need to contact someone.

Always carry hard-copies

Your smartphone battery may die but a hard-copy of all your bookings will always remain intact. Going digital is a way forward for sure but it is important to always stay on a safer side.

Bottom Line

Lockdown or no lockdown, these are the few basic tips that you should always remember.

For your most smooth and safe flying experience, Club One Air, the best air charter service in India is always there to take you to your favourite destination safely.