Places to Visit This Holi

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Festival close, long holidays await? Pack your bags and get dressed to book luxury private jet for your next holi destination to experience the festival of colors in a whole new and different style. It's that time of year again, when everyone will enjoy the vibrant colors in the air. Yes, Holi is approaching with all of its fervor and festivities, and the kids' enthusiasm is palpable. Different cities in India celebrate the colorful festival in different ways. Holi in India is an utter pleasure, from indulging in traditional rituals to taking advantage of the new fun opportunities with bhang and a variety of Bollywood songs. We at Club One Air- a luxury charter plane company bring you the best places to visit while you are on the hunt for your next holiday.

Mathura Vrindavan - The Classic Holi

Both of these locations have a clear Krishna connection. One is his birthplace, and the other is the land where he grew up. On the eve of Holi, Mathura and Vrindavan see beautiful celebrations and turn out to be the most spectacular places to celebrate Holi in India. At these locations, Lord Krishna's popular Raas-Leela comes to life. In Mathura and Vrindavan, there are several temples and neighborhoods where color throwing starts around a week before Holi.

Udaipur - Holi the Royal Style

Rajasthan is unlike any other location in India. As a result, this lovely city in Rajasthan also celebrates a royal Holi. In a festival known as Holika Dahan, people light bonfires to purge themselves of all evils. Luxury private jets are the best choice when it comes to experiencing royalty to its fullest. Join the royal Mewar family of Udaipur in their celebration for an unforgettable royal experience. A royal procession moves from their royal residence to the City Palace's Manek Chowk. It features magnificently dressed horses as well as a royal band.

Karnataka- Unique Holi Experience

If you're looking for a wild Holi celebration, experience uniqueness from South India. Since Holi is predominantly a North Indian festival, it is generally subdued in the south. The emphasis is primarily on religious and temple rituals. Hampi in Karnataka, on the other hand, is a notable exception! In the morning, the whole town comes out to play Holi amid drumming, dancing, and the evocative ruins of the grand Vijayanagar empire (perhaps for the benefit of the many western visitors). Following that, the crowd slowly makes its way to the river to wash away all color.

Goa- The modern Holi

We all know Goa is famous for its New Year’s party and Valentine's Day parade. However, what you do not know is that even though the state is not of the ‘classic’ destination but they do have parties, dance and music. Holi is called Shigmo there and it is celebrated by all masses irrespective of their religion. There are drum beats, enactments and parades. Each year, at Baga beach, a united colours festival, a holi party is celebrated and as the name suggests, it is huge and crazy. So many other beaches and destinations carry out music festivals. There is so much to see in Goa.

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