Places to Travel in India This Festive Season

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Colours of autumn are the most beautiful, especially if you are in a country like India. Autumn in every region feels different but gives happiness. Good thing is autumn and Indian festival times usually collide and it is the best time to plan a family vacation or vacation with your near and dear ones. This is the right time to book private jet and spend some quality time away from the chaos.

The magic in the atmosphere and visuals makes you feel like you are in the movies. Here we are listing 4 places that are a must visit in India. So do not wait and book private jet services and enjoy freshness in the air from all across the country:

Jammu & Kashmir

Let us start with the very top state, geographically. Jammu & Kashmir is a magical place in itself. It is any traveler’s paradise. During this time of festivities, the place looks exceptionally splendid and the beauty can never be captured into words. Autumn in Jammu & Kashmir is a golden season, this is when tall maple trees and misty hills make you feel like you are in a wonderland.


Coming down from Jammu & Kashmir is Uttarakhand. Famous hill stations like Nainital, Rishikesh and Mussoorie are a delight during autumn. The winters are not harsh and tourists are usually less in numbers. This is the best time to visit these places. Apart from these mainstream and commercialized hill stations, Uttarakhand has lesser-known hill stations like Mukteshwar, Dunagiri, Chaukori, and others which are an experience in itself. You can spend time with locals. This will be an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Good thing is that when you book private jet, there is always a nearby private jet airport and these places are only a few hours drive.


Gujarat is usually dry and humid during most of the summers. So, autumn is the best time to explore the beautiful and pious state of India. The weather from October till December is the best time to pay a visit. The festivities in Gujarat from Navratri till Diwali are so cinematic and colourful. The beautifully lit lights all across the state makes Gujarat look like straight from the movies. Surat and Ahmedabad are the best cities to explore in Gujarat. However, you can make a visit to lesser explored places like- Lothal, Anand, Mandvi Beach, Modhera, Bhavnagar and Girnar.


In the lowest and southern part of India is Kerala. Autumn is the time when Kerala is freshly off from the heavy rainfall. Which implies that the backwaters, vast green landscapes and beautifully fragrant paddy fields will mesmerize you. It is the best that a naked eye can see. Kerala feels like a traveler’s rejuvenation period. There is so much peace, people are so welcoming. This is also the time when Onam preparation begins. Everything during autumn in Kerala feels surreal. A place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

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