Pandemic & Private Jet Traveling: Safer Way to Travel

Private jet services

The world is currently undergoing an unprecedented experience with the rapidly spreading Covid-19 pandemic. Many experts seem to believe that air travel exposes you to Covid-19 or more popularly known as Corona Virus the most. Due to this, travellers are extremely apprehensive about catching flights and as a result, the travel industry has been suffering drastically! Airports that were till two months ago the most crowded spots are now completely deserted for the very reason that people are trying to contain their inner wanderlust and stay put. Also, it’s extremely hard if not impossible and not to mention expensive to practice social distancing while you’re airborne on a 200-seater commercial jet.

Government and medical experts all over the world are advising people to live in isolation in the safety of their homes. Travelling from one place to another with a group of strangers in the middle of a global pandemic is not the smartest idea since you run the risk of exposing yourself to hundreds if not thousands of people for a significant period of time. However, there are people out there who don't have the luxury of enjoying “Quarantine and chill” on their couches with their loved ones. So, they have to put on a mask and their brave face, take the necessary precautions & travel in order to go back home to their families or attend extremely urgent business meetings. Amongst this group of travellers, there are also those who just want an escape from their respective busy hometowns and go to more isolated & safe regions. Millionaires like Cristiano Ronaldo are giving luxury a new definition by quarantining with their families on a private island.

While commercial air travel has taken one of the biggest financial hits in the recent times due to the lack of passengers, one small section of the aviation sector benefitting from the global pandemic is the private jet services. Up until recently, travelling via private jets was a luxury reserved for those who liked to travel in style, but in the current scenario, it has become far more popular and practical due to its advantages that have begun to cater to the masses rather than just the privileged.

Apart from usual benefits that come from using private jet services such as no long security lines or added waiting time, private jets are far more suited for people for whom travelling is essential under the current circumstances. Stating the obvious, it’s far safer to be on a plane with people you know personally and can vouch for rather travelling with the crowd. Private jet companies also schedule flights according to your convenience and time has always been of the essence, especially when lots of frightened people are desperate to return to their home countries such as international students.

It is wiser to rather spend some more money to book private jet versus flying commercial, in order to drastically decrease the risk of contracting the virus. In some scenarios, private jets are also the only option available since a lot of airlines have reduced the frequency or completely stopped flying certain routes as a precautionary measure. On the other hand, flying private also saves you the hassle of securing a ticket in the current turbulent times and ensures you get a seat on the plane, no matter what since you contribute to the majority of the payload. They also ensure you reach your destination on time, and since private jets use regional tarmacs and airports, you are also cutting down on the airport exposure.

Another benefit is that it’s easier to trust the crew since their exposure is way lesser than that of the commercial staff. Cleaner and more hygienic washrooms along with cabins are always a welcome advantage, even more so during a pandemic that hinges on cleanliness and basic hygiene.

Kim Kardashian once said after travelling in her private Boeing 747 jet that “Once you fly private, you can’t go back.” Due to the massive hit experienced by world aviation, it’s anticipated that air travel fares will skyrocket once the world settles down from Corona Virus in order for commercial airlines to survive. Experts state that the virus has taken the aviation industry back by 5 years. If air travel is destined to be expensive in the near future, travellers might actually prefer flying private over commercial.

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