Is Private the New Normal?

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The ballad goes like "I am leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again ..". Undoubtedly John Denver could have done no better, wish he had stayed longer to change Jet Plane to Private Jets. Dream to luxury, luxury to alternative and alternative to normal; the Private Jet industry has come a long way in making flying in luxury possible. Which was once for the rich, has now seen a global increase of 250% in the past quarter as per a UK ACS report.

This is a trench which is expected to continue. Before the crisis hit, private jets and chartered aeroplanes were considered as an only safe option, making air charter services in India the safest option. As things come close to normalization, customers understand the benefits of flying private and have started considering this as a better alternative.

The future of private travel will continue to rise in popularity and demand in the post-COVID 19 worlds. We can already see signs of this as people have been confined to their homes in the last few months and are willing to travel, whether it's for leisure or company. The demand for leisure-related bookings due to summer vacations with clients who want to spend time with friends and family abroad have experienced a quality peak. The added fact that a lot of customers will work from their holiday homes means that consumers fly abroad with the option to stay longer and work part of their journey.

In certain parts of the world, the pandemic has returned for an unexpected second or even third wave, forcing travellers to search for other means of transport that restrict their exposure to pathogens and viruses. Travellers might want to avoid exposure to potential viruses and germs, especially elderly travellers with health problems. Club One Air brings its wide range of fleet to make travelling possible in tough times. Being one of the best and safest Air Charter Company in India, they have arranged private jet travel for both new and new clients who are searching for a safer way to travel than commercial travel, and with more peace of mind. A typical customer is someone who usually flies first class, but is now trying to restrict exposure to huge crowds, avoid airport difficulties, and have more control over their flight experience.

Private jet flying is a lifestyle option where travellers can experience perfectly fitted white gloves and end-to-end service customized specifically to them. You are not bound to rigid timetables such as commercial airline schedules; you are designing your own schedule. You can handle your own schedule if you're running late, the plane can wait for you, or if you want to adjust your departure time, it can be done easily. Private travel experience is smooth, and travellers can avoid long queues and congestion in busy airports. Charter Services in Delhi are made possible by Club One Air to make the flying experience seamless. We live day to day with an ever-changing global environment, and travelling privately enables the most nimble and versatile option for both business and leisure travel. The ease of travel and not waiting on long queues is unmatched.