History of Private Aviation

Private jet services

The dream of flying is as old as humanity itself. We always wanted to fly, metaphorically, and physically. The Wright brothers did their parts a century ago by solving the physical aspect. Even after so many years flying still has a particular inherent wonder. The first Jet Engines were developed only 80 years ago, and the first private jets and luxury charter planes were inaugurated less than 60 years ago. It used to be a complete fantasy a few generations ago what today is an absolute necessity.

The jet powered luxury private jets were started in 1963 by Bill Lear. Lear was the first to introduce the first private Lear Jet. He announced the flight to be non-commercial and solely used for private use, taking a massive leap in risk. It was built to meet the needs of traveling executives and VIPs. This was the first time people could fly anywhere, anytime, availing the flight in exclusive luxury, just like they demanded.

Fast Forwarding to 2006, private aviation is now a mature industry. The entry of Multiple Manufactures and agencies competing to serve the best has made it a demanding market. The private jet industry also opened doors for the emergence of chartered jets. This allowed passengers to rent an on-demand jet, cutting short on the formalities and expenses to buy a new plane.

Club One Air is one such Charter Jet Services that has made its hold by serving customers in the best possible ways. With great feedback from actors, crickets, and other VIPs who book private jets, Club One Air is one of the preferable Charter Jet Services In India. With a wide range of fleets to offer, the company has covered the needs of every passenger.

The vast network of Club One Air can now accomplish any mission such as - VIP travel, medical evaluation, family getaways, and more. With recent disruptions happening in the commercial airline industry, the best possible way out is a Chartered Airplane.

What does the future look like for the Chartered Aviation Industry? The answers come with several existing trends.

The risk of traveling with unknown passengers worldwide pandemic comes to a solution when families and individuals decide to get charters. The reduced risk of exposure results in the reduction of spread.

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While the private plane charter aviation industry that started as a dream has become a necessity, Club One Air considers each passenger's needs and provides the ultimate experience.