Flying by Private Jets can Help you fight the dreaded “Jet Lag”

Private jet services

When it comes to air travel, especially long haul flights across different time zones, jet lag is a real mood killer! Isn’t it? Imagine you have an important business meeting to attend and your brain is fuzzy or you have come at the destination wedding of the century and instead of looking like a million bucks you are looking and feeling dreadful!

Jet Lag is a phenomenon experienced by passengers when their body clocks are disturbed. The symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, constipation, dizziness, and headache amongst others. Body clock is not just essential to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern and avoid those dreaded dark circles and under eye bags, but also to regulate hunger, mood, and blood pressure.

Contrary to popular belief, our mind doesn’t govern our body clock as much as natural light does. Our body clocks are designed specifically to match the sun. This basically implies that you're supposed to be at your most productive avatar while the sun is up and shining.

Over the years, there have been a variety of theories circulating around as to how to prevent jet lag. The most popular is the one where you start training your body clock days prior to on boarding the flight that takes you across time zones. If you're traveling west, pre pone your night cap and start going to bed early, or vice versa for east. Passengers also take several measures while they're airborne, such as staying hydrated, timing their sleep and eating cycle, wearing sunglasses to fool their body clocks & decrease exposure to light, traveling in comfort, stretching and moving etc.

No not so big on planning your sleep cycle days in advance? Or taking those extra pains for adjusting? Consider private jets as a wonderful option. Private jets have an added advantage over commercial airlines in the form of extensive cabin space and comfort due to way lesser payload. Private jets offer extremely high levels of comfort. You can literally convert your seat into a super cozy bed and sleep for majority of your flight time. What’s more, the flexibility of private jets ensures that you plan your travel in a manner that promises least jet lag. Few private jets also have fully loaded bedrooms on board.

Apart from the sleeping comfort, the lighting on board is done in a manner that redefines the concept of mood lighting. It suits your travel needs perfectly. Since light is one of the most significant factors governing Jet Lag, we at Club One Air, one of the top air charter companies in India, focus on cabin lighting that reduces the discomforts associated with jet lag.

Another factor controlling the level of Jet Lag is fatigue caused by constant change in the pressure settings. The cabin pressure is always higher than the actual pressure conditions outside. This is termed as cabin altitude. At Club One Air, which is one of the best air charter companies in India, we have stepped it up a notch higher by featuring 100% fresh air and lower cabin altitudes. It makes our guests far less prone to jet lag versus commercial airliners.

Lower cabin altitude ensures that your lungs and heart don't overwork themselves to oxygenate our blood at 40,000 feet. Private Jets give you the luxury of the plane doing all the hard work for you while simultaneously providing highest possible standards of comfort while cruising at 40,000 feet.
Apart from this you have the freshest of food especially curated keeping your taste and health in mind. You can adjust your meal times according to the time zone you’re going to be in for the next few days to help your body to acclimatize itself.

Flying on a private jet is an absolutely delightful journey. Experience it for your self by flying with Club One Air, the best air charter company in Delhi.