Factors to Consider While Choosing a Private Jet

Best Private Jet Sservices in India

Is it your first time using private jet services? Or even if you have chartered a private plane before, there are certain factors that need consideration. If you are spending all the moolah into your convenience, luxury and comfort, it better be worthwhile.

We have listed few factors that will help you to book private jet and for maximum advantages:

Size of the Aircraft

So basically, the size of the aircraft is important to consider because it depends on how many people will be travelling with you. Not just the number of people but what age group will be travelling with you. A younger lot doesn’t require much space and can easily adjust in a smaller aircraft but elderly people would require more comfortable sitting, better cabin space, taller cabin heights, so that at their age, they do not have to make adjustments.

Also, larger the aircraft, longer the distance it can travel, non-stop. Long journeys can easily be accommodated on a smaller aircraft, there will be absolutely no discomfort because you will be getting all the facilities but you will have one or multiple halts for refueling. So, it is important to choose the best private jet services and one that can give you guidance on what will be best for you.

Age of the aircraft

Few of the older aircrafts used by some of the private jet companies in India don't have bathroom facilities, so they are only good for shorter hops. Newer aircrafts or renovated aircrafts now have on-board wi-fi, television, catering and other onboard entertainment. However, the older the aircraft, the fewer amenities it has. It is always advisable for the passengers to ask important questions from private jet services like- age of the aircraft, amenities it provides and what all onboard entertainment provision they have.

Aircraft Performance

Some people like to sit back and enjoy, others are crazy about the essence and feeling of being in a private jet. Some like speed, some would prefer extra time on the aircraft. Just go with your liking and choose an aircraft that fits your bill perfectly.


Talking about bills. After determining all the factors, it is important to calculate the cost. Better amenities come at a cost. So, the final decision relies on how much you are willing to spend on your journey. Choosing private jet services like Club One Air will ensure that your trip is absolutely budget friendly.

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