What Empty Flight Legs Mean When You Book Private Services

May 27, 2022

Air Charter Services

Nothing matches private jet travel when it comes to traveling in style and comfort. The ultimate in luxury travel, a private jet charter offers a level of service that no other mode of transportation can match. The safety and service provided by a private jet are unrivaled, and the cost alternatives for passengers are outstanding. Those who are on a tight budget but yet want the greatest service options might consider booking a private jet. And if you are looking to save costs additionally, then empty jet lags might be your thing.

Empty flight legs

The term "empty leg services" is used by most aviation businesses to describe flights that do not carry any passengers. Other terms often used in the aviation sector for empty legs include ‘ferry flights’, ‘reposistioning legs’ or ‘dead-heads’. Given the operational costs, air charter companies in Delhi, try to avoid empty legs as ,much as possible. Some of the best air charter company in India do have good deals on empty legs.

What you want to know while booking a private jet service

Before you start looking for private jet empty leg flights, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a pleasant journey.

  • Be flexible with your travel date and time: The aircraft operator's pre-booked timetable governs empty leg flights. It is difficult to find a flight that will take us to our preferred location on a specified date or time. If you are flexible with your departure date, though, you will most likely be able to locate something close to your preferred trip date.
  • If booking for a round trip flight, both legs will need to be booked separately: Flights with empty legs are always one-way. It's also required when booking a separate return flight, whether on another empty leg fare or with a commercial airline.
  • Be willing to book last minute: Private jet services do not frequently advertise their flights. However, you can check availability on the private jet website at the last minute, a few days or hours before departure. As a result, a willingness to book at the last minute is frequently required. As a result, empty leg flights are an excellent choice for a last-minute destination. Check the leading air charter company in India for updates on empty leg schedules that is close to your preferences.
  • Practice your negotiation skills: While some empty leg flights are given at a set price, travelers prefer to haggle a little. You can use the brokers accessible for this specific flight discussion.


There are a plethora of excellent private jet services available to us. Similarly, the cost, services, and level of luxury vary. Please do not hesitate to contact our company if you are considering an empty leg service. We'll whisk you away to a haven of luxury, comfort, and amenities. For more information kindly visit kindly visit cluboneair.com