Difference Between Business Aviation and Private Jet Travel

Best Private Jet Sservices in India

For more than 30 years, Club One Air - a company providing the best air charter for business, has been a pioneer in the industry, and I have seen many new trends emerge since the pandemic began. Since the spring of 2020, a lot has changed in the aviation industry. Commercial air travel has plummeted due to airline schedule cuts and route reductions during the pandemic, creating an opportunity in the private jet industry. Club One Air has been able to meet the demand by focusing on what our clients want.

Making Safety a Priority

Many advantages come to mind when people consider the benefits of chartering a private jet, including convenience, privacy, and luxury. However, there is another significant benefit, and that is safety. People who have never flown privately before are coming to us because they know flying with us is safer.

A typical commercial flight has up to 700 points of contact from check-in to arrival, whereas charter flights may have as few as 20. There are no lines for our passengers at baggage claim, check-in, or boarding; we use private terminals with far fewer people; and once onboard, our passengers do not have to share the cabin with anyone else.

Reliable and Flexible

Clients are drawn in by more than just the safety aspect. We are a team of highly trained experts at Club One Air - charter services in Delhi , and we use cutting-edge technology to give us an advantage over the competition. This means that we can respond quickly to changes in restrictions and quickly contact hundreds of different aircraft types and owners.

People who are concerned about being able to board a commercial flight can now fly privately on short notice, and the best part is that they can leave all of the details to us. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have flown many clients to destinations before restrictions were imposed or immediately after restrictions were lifted.

Are Now Affordable

The cost of private aviation is decreasing. We offer low prices in part by using empty legs. If clients are flexible with flight dates and only require one-way flights, an empty-leg flight is likely to be the best option. They can save up to 75% off the regular cost of a private jet charter.

Club One air, compared to other air charter companies in Delhi, goes above and beyond to provide excellent value for money. All of our prices include applicable taxes, use of private-jet terminals and VIP (very important person) airport lounges, transfer to aircraft in a luxury vehicle, superior catering—including a menu selection and even a full complimentary bar with wines, spirits, and Champagne.

Corporate or business demand is critical to our industry. However, we do not believe we should conceal the number of leisure flights – both are important target audiences. Today's leisure customer is more than just the stereotypically wealthy individual. Some families are willing to spend a little more than airline prices to avoid the commercial airport experience; to celebrate a milestone birthday, or to travel to a remote location not served by airlines.