Can Flying in Private Jet Help You Fight Jet Lag?

Mar 14, 2022

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Whether you choose a commercial airline or book private jet services, jet lag is a dreaded nightmare for anyone. But choosing to book a private jet can reduce the impact of jet lag so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Before dwelling on to ‘Hows’ of reduced jet lag on private aircraft, let us know a little bit about Jet Lag itself.

What is the cause of Jet Lag?

It is technically the symptoms that may occur when your body clock is disrupted due to a change in the time zones. The body clock affects not only our sleep schedule but also hunger, mood, and blood pressure.

Basically, the light guides our body clock, and it gets reset once you enter a new time zone and the sun sets differently. That is the reason, the most cure for jet lag is to stay close to light or light sources.

For obvious reasons, when a person travels from one country/continent to other, the difference in time takes time for the body to get adapted to.

We are listing below things that make private jet services a better option to fight Jet Lag.

Reclining and Comfortable seats

When you book the best private jet, you are guaranteed to receive comfortable cabin space which a commercial airline can never do. Private Jet offers a high level of comfort with space to even move around when required. The cabin is usually designed to have fully reclining seats. You can rest and give time to your body to adjust to the new environment.

Adjusting Lights

More and more aircraft have been focusing on adjusting the lights on board according to the passenger’s body cycle. It can help in reducing the effects of jet lag in certain aspects. If you have a preference for the lighting to adjust to the body rhythm, it can be done too.

Cabin pressure & Humidity

Private Jets gives the scope of 100 percent fresh air and lower cabin altitude to reduce fatigue and ease any jet lag affects that may occur. Lower cabin altitude means that your lungs and heart don’t have to work as hard to oxygenate the blood, which helps in reducing the symptoms of jet lag. Cabin pressure in general is as low as half of the commercial airlines.

Now that you know these benefits of flying via Private Jet, choose the best Private Jet Services in India by opting for Club One Air. May you have an amazing journey!