Booking Your First Private Jet? Beginners Guide to Fly Private

Booking Private Jet

If you keep these tips in mind, you will enjoy your Private Jet flying to the maximum

If you are flying private for the first time, whether you have been invited by a friend or using an air charter for business purposes or even if you are taking a leap from commercial flying, the tips we are letting out will definitely come handy.

Choosing your aircraft

If you have finally made a decision to switch to a private jet, the simplest first step is to look for air charter services in India or your suited departure destination. There are many charter options available but you should always look for ones that are oldest and has trusted clients like Club One Air has. Then moving forward, you will have to choose the type of aircraft (based on size and seat capacity) according to your requirements.

For example, if you want charter services in Delhi, you can connect with the customer case, which in case of Club One Air is available 24*7 and clear your any doubts and even they will help you in booking your private jet. Now you can share your details like number of passengers that will be traveling, your luggage quantity, your travel schedule and any onboard amenities that you may require and accordingly an aircraft will be assigned to you.

Please note to check the cancellation policies of air charter companies in India before, just to be sure that if anything comes up, you will know what to expect.


When you’re getting ready for your first private jet flight, as we told you in the previous point that luggage quantity is known. In case of any change in the plan, it is always advisable to inform the air charter company in India beforehand. Unlike commercial flights, private jet has fewer luggage restrictions but just to be on a safer side, get the information about the items that you can and cannot carry onboard.

Never forget to carry your valid ID. It is advisable to carry a hard copy but in case you don’t have it, always keep a scanned copy and not screenshot or image of the ID handy.

Know your base operator

When flying private, either the base is connected to a larger airport or is in a completely different location. Make sure that you confirm your air base to avoid confusion.

In the cabin

You are allowed to be yourself during the journey, but there are certain times during mid-time and during landing and take off when sitting is mandatory. Follow the instructions of the cabin staff. The biggest advantage of a private jet is that you do not have to turn off your gadgets or limited restroom usage. In case you need any help mid-light, you will always have a staff to attend you at all times. They will give you all the privacy but will also help you around when needed and asked.

After Landing

There will be a vehicle to whisk you off to your destination so you do not have to worry about anything. Your luggage will safely be handed to you and you do not have to wait for it in a queue.

If informed beforehand, a transport facility to your destination is also made available. In case you forgot to book, you can always ask for assistance from the ground staff and they will help you with the same.

Choose Club One Air as your first private jet flying option and you will never go back. We are the oldest and most trusted air charter company in India with many elites joining our guest list. We will be happy to make your first impression a lasting one.