Best Private Jets to Fly With Family

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We all live, earn and fly for our families. A good family vacation is what most of us crave. Standing on ques and fighting for the aisle seat or the window one can be tedious. What we dream is an entire flight to our comfort. Private Jets are becoming a trendy alternative to fly solo or with families these days. The search to book a private jet continues among most of the families.

Nowadays, many families select private jet charters for a number of destination activities. From reunions to weddings and adventure holidays, a variety of families try to make the most of once-in-a-lifetime activities. We at Club One Air aim to provide the best private jet services in India. A private jet charter helps you to spend more time with your family on your trip.

You're going to be sitting together, with plenty of room and entertainment to choose from. A private plane maximises your entire travel experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy each other, while contributing to the meaningful memories that you can make together.

It can be difficult to get seats next to each other on a commercial flight, and you may not enjoy the same kind of privacy, entertainment and comfort that private aircraft have. Small and big families, chartered airlines are for everyone who are looking to travel in style and in comfort.

Here is our list to flights :

CRJ 100

The CRJ 100 aircraft greatly complement business and family travel and is a masterpiece of art by bombardier, while providing excellent operational flexibility and passenger comfort. Supplied with all necessary sophistications, having this aircraft makes us one of the renowned private jet companies in India. We are delighted by the potential provided by the aircraft to enable customers to reach new routes and destinations that are currently under-served-connecting businesses and people across the world making it the perfect fit for family travels

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000 flies 4,000 nm while sailing at Mach.80. Thanks to its full range slats, refined aerodynamics and sophisticated acoustics, it provides the perfect combination of airfield agility, fuel efficiency and comfortable, wide-body comfort. With its state of the art technologies it makes itself one of the most advanced aircrafts that exist. It can fly directly from Chennai to Mumbai and longer with ease. This aircraft can be used as a business jet and for family recreational travels as well.

Cessna Citation Excel

The CESSNA Citation Excel aircraft, the best-selling model of the best-selling company, incorporates transcontinental range and impressive efficiency in a beautiful midsize plane. The first-class XL jet cabin provides spacious accommodation for up to 12 passengers. The spacious interior makes it convenient for those inside to stand and walk around the cabin. The high-quality leather seats are extra wide with maximum reclining capabilities for optimum comfort.The Aircraft provides NextGen-ready performance as the most recognised flight deck in the world. Rest assured that your whole team can fly easily to get closer to your destination, allowing you to spend less time travelling and more time with your family or with your client .