Avoid Crowded Check-in Queues in Such Crucial Times by Chartering a Private Jet!

Private jet services

We all know times are tough and travelling, even tougher!

When we think about hiring a private jet, our mind goes through various thoughts about luxury, convenience, space, comfort and even privacy. But sometimes we forget that booking a private jet is one of the safest options in the current situation.

You might think- how? The answer to this is already in the title of the blog, by avoiding the crowd.

Safety is more than just avoiding accidents

Even though we might think that we are fully conscious of our choices and are completely safe, it is not always true. When we fly through a commercial flight, especially at this time of the global pandemic, we are taking a major risk for our lives. So, safety is far more important than just avoiding the possibility of an accident. It is about how safe your flying environment is from the time you leave the home, till you reach your destination.

When you choose to book the best private jet service like Club One Air, you are ensuring your safety throughout, like-

  • You choose who you are flying with
  • You are acquainted with crew on-board
  • You avoid any violation of social distancing
  • You do not have to go through queues

There are more points of safety but above mentioned is the major reason you should opt to book a private jet. To dig further on these points, keep reading-

You choose who you fly with

When you book a private jet, everyone onboard will know each other. It may be family, group of friends, colleagues, partners or anyone you know well. This simply means that you know the history of the person and you know they are safe to fly with. This is the most important reason why you should prefer private jet over commercial flights.

You are acquainted with the crew on-board

Few days before you are due to fly through a private jet, you receive the detailed information about the pilot and the crew members you are flying with. It is a simple process followed by the best private jet services to vet the clients and ensure that everything is in order and is safe.

You avoid any violation of social distancing

Every day on the news and social media you can see images and videos of violation of social distancing even at the airport. Commercial airports have become unsafe even if you take all the precautions. When you choose a commercial flight, even after you ensure all safety measures, there may be people around you who do not think about this situation much and can violate the ‘six feet’ or ’12 meters’ distance rule. Honestly, you cannot do much about it. However, when you book a private jet, everyone around you maintains the recommended distance, you pass through a different entrance to check-in, there is no queue, no crowd, there is no violation of your right to maintain a recommended social distance from people.

You do not have to go through queues

This has to be the most significant point in this entire blog, others being equally important. Check-in lines at the airport for commercial flights are still as long as before. There are so many risks you go through when you line-up for the boarding pass. There are so many surfaces that you may come in contact with and people you need to interact with. But when you book a private jet, you do not go through any check-in line. Our luggage is handled by a staff member and since you already have all the needed information about the people you are flying with, they greet you from the distance and you can just simply board the private jet and relax without any worries.

To add to this, Club One Air charter planes are cleaned and sanitized after each journey. So, when you pay to book a private jet from us, you are actually investing in your safety.

To know more about us, you can visit our website Club One Air or contact our highly responsive customer care team.