Answering frequently asked questions: Private Aviation Edition

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This new year let us bust all the myths that has been surrounding aircraft management company. There has been a certain stereotype around booking private jets that it is expensive or that you have to be super rich. But all is not true.

We are here answering the most asked questions:

Are Private Jets Safe?

A very short answer to this is- Yes! Aircraft maintenance management makes sure that airplanes use the latest technologies. More so, private jets have advanced technology than any commercial airline. Crews and staff are well trained in handling clients and their requirements. Since they have to handle very few clients in one flight, there are very low chances of errors.

Do Private Jets fly higher than the commercial planes?

Yes, newer private jets can fly as high as 51,000 feet whereas commercial airliners cruising altitude is about 35,000 feet. The next question is always- How does flying higher help the aircraft management? Well, the reason flying higher is helpful is because there is less traffic and hence, smoother flying.

Do private jets witness less turbulence?

It does actually. Since private jets fly higher than commercial airliners, also are smaller in size and carry limited passengers, there is less turbulence felt than in commercial flying. That being said, there can be certain situations of turbulence but the body and aircraft management services are such that the endurance level is much higher in Private jets.

Do Private jets have beds and sleeping arrangements?

Larger private jets have beds like Cessna XL and even Falcon. Most private jets have lie-flat beds. Most aircrafts also have sleeping arrangements for the comfort of the client.

Do Private Jets have Wi-Fi?

Newer private jets have Wi-Fi connection on-board to make travelling to their client easier. Business jets definitely have internet service so to be able to conduct meetings without losing out on any time.

Can Private aircrafts land anywhere?

If the runway has tarmac and adequate runway length, then the simple answer to this is, yes! Of course, there are few exceptions.

Does Private Jets have more airports?

Yes! Private jets have more accessibility to remote areas than any commercial airliners. They can land anywhere with adequate runway length. That is why Private Jets are preferred by business people who value their time.

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