Answering frequently asked questions: Charter Plane Services

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We have been in the business for long enough to get all kinds of questions when it comes to private jet services. As aircraft management services provider, we know that there exists a stigma around flying private. It is believed that only billionaires can use the services of a charter plane or only in an emergency situation it can be used.

We are here to answer all the questions that has been confusing you regarding aircraft management or private jet services in general:

I don’t have a fixed schedule, is it possible to book a Private Jet just a day before?

It is very much possible for you book Charter plane from aircraft management company. You can call or mail the customer service and check for the availability of a private jet of your needs and we will help you get to your destination.

Given the current situation, what precautions are you taking to ensure passenger’s safety?

By chartering a Private Jet you anyway are choosing your own arrangements. But the precautions we take from our end are- sanitize before and after the trip, fully vaccinated and tested onboard staff, ensuring all safety protocols are followed.

What happens during the flight?

When you are on-board, it is our responsibility to provide you world-class service, which includes- on-board kitchen service, crew to always attend you, comfortable sitting and relaxing area, a screen for you to watch anything. Basically, you can concentrate on your work and our work is to be at your service at all times.

Why should we consider Private Jet over commercial flight?

The first and foremost thing is the control you have over the end-to-end experience. You can choose the cuisine you like, your choice of drink, and the services you want onboard. There is safety assurance, you are skipping long queues for security check, you have someone to check-in your luggage and to attend you at all times. Private jet has comfortable sitting area, more leg space, space to relax. You are choosing experience when you opt for Private Jet.

Can only super rich afford Private Jet services?

This has been a followed stereotype for a really long time. There are so many budgeted aircraft management services that provide Private Jet at an affordable rate. In fact, if you are a small group and want to travel together, the divided cost will automatically be lesser. That being said, even if the cost of a private jet is higher than commercial flying, there is a guarantee of safety and security, plus lots of comforts.

For any more questions regarding aircraft management or Charter Planes, you can always write to us. You can also visit Club One Air’s website for a clearer picture.