Why choose private jet over commercial flights?

Private jet services

There are obvious advantages of private jet such as safety, discretion and time-saving. These are also very well-known facts, but ever so often in life, some things might get unnoticed at the first-sight. These are soft facts. Let’s talk about them:

When travelling by Club One Air, an Air Charter Service in India, you arrive at the dedicated Business Aviation Terminal and receive a very warm welcome. During all this time, your luggage is passed, scanned and screened without even bothering you one bit. These are clear differences as compared to commercial airline terminal.

Right after the security check, Club One Air, an Air Charter Company in India pilot wait for you to enter the private jet, greets you with a proper hand-shake. You will observe that your entire luggage is being carefully loaded while you board. The private jet is hatched, the door closed and you are good to go, without waiting for fellow-passengers.

During your journey, you are accompanied by our responsible team of inflight service. Also, isn’t it great to be greeted by your name each time?

As soon as the journey starts, you are served a drink and something to eat. And, most importantly, you can enjoy all of this by being absolutely comfortable on your seat- without having the backrest of the seat in front of you on your face and no elbow poking your ribs. Just enough space for your legs, elbows and hands. Admittedly, the biggest leisure of flying with Club One Air, a charter service in Delhi is the comfort it comes along with.

You are the ultimate boss; so, all of your needs are taken care off. You do not have to adjust to flight preferences or neither do you have to follow instructions and orders of commercial flights. Just the basic sky rules.

It is ‘your’ aircraft, it flies exactly where you want it to because it takes off exactly when your agenda calls for it. Furthermore, if you prefer sleeping in a lie-flat position, you have got it.

Eating is not something the service crew decides, whenever you are hungry, you can have whatever you wish to. Your catering wishes usually are already communicated to the crew before the flight, so the eternal question of ‘either sandwich or patty’ will not annoy you anymore. You want to have a second helping? Not a problem for Club One Air. We serve you according to your taste buds and not what everyone else is being served.

Also, here is the best part- have you ever boarded a flight in casual clothing and then changed into a business suit before arriving at your destination? You have all the freedom to do as you please.

Last but not the least, you never have to worry about your flight getting disturbed by all kinds of the strange behaviour of some complete strangers.

Because of all of that- and a lot more- Using Club One Air Charter Services in India will change your flying experience completely.